Here are the top 3 reasons why it might be time to upgrade your website based on older flash technology.

3. Slow Performance – the animation might look awesome, but flash-based websites are bulky and slow to load, affecting your user bounce rate AND your page-rank.

2. Shallow indexing – while Google is able to understand your flash contents online, not all search engines do. You will need to do extra work to ensure that your flash website is understandable by both Google and other search engines for SEO. Also Google does not understand (at this point) bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Chinese embedded in flash websites.

1. Your website is INVISIBLE to both the 1.5+ millions ipad users online and  practically all mobile cellphone users in the world!

If you are not sure whether your website is flash-based or not, right click on the on it. If you see a pop up like this

It might be time to consider a digital renovation.